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Vehicle : Spaced Exploration

Navigate your quirky little vehicle through the jagged, oddly bestrewn wastes of something vaguely spacelike, using ingenuity and grappling hooks. Try to get from Point A to Point B (hint: we're not telling you where to find Point B). We're on the honor system here, but if you can do it in less than 10 minutes you deserve to clap yourself briskly on the shoulder and enjoy a snifter of whatever you generally reward yourself with. (Note: this may take a minute or two to load).

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Instructions may be found below.

Vehicle 2 Instructions

This winsome little application lets you "drive" a very special vehicle around a twisty, craggy maze of terrain. To start driving, wait until the applet has loaded, then activate by clicking it with your mouse. Use the following keys to control it:

CURSOR LEFT: drive left
CURSOR RIGHT: drive right
CURSOR DOWN: dive (in water)
CURSOR UP: float to surface (in water)
s: rotate turret contra-clockwise
f: rotate turret clockwise
d: fire the "rope" using the turret; press again to "cut" the rope
e: shorten the rope (pull)
c: lengthen the rope
1: switch to rope #1
2: switch to rope #2

You can use the rope to pull the car up the walls and climb -- it works like a grappling hook. There are two grappling hooks (key 1 and 2 to switch between them). Use them in combination to get almost everywhere. Trying to go through the level with only one grappling hook might be a bit tricky.

You can swim and dive in watery places. Like a submarine, you can change the "density" of the vehicle to make it dive into the water or let it gently float to the surface using the CURSOR UP and CURSOR DOWN keys.

In this particular maze, you win when you have successfully navigated your vehicle from Point A to a spot marked Point B.

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