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Whether you ask for a ransom or just want to aggravate a co-worker, this is a time-tested classic.


Hostage involves the removal of an item from a co-workers workspace. It is best if the item is something that is viewed daily so the victim will notice right away. We suggest to use office equipment or things that you know do not have extremely high levels of sentimental value, like photos of children/granchildren, stuffed animals from loved ones, urns that contain the ashes of a loved one, etc. since the removal of these tend to make people VERY angry (unless, of course, that is your goal).

Sit back and enjoy their panic on the first day and then begin leaving anonymous notes for them with various instructions on what they must do before the item is returned. Be creative with the instructions. Some ideas that we have tested are:

- Have them to loudly quack 3 times at 10:15;

- To say “I better sit alone this morning since I ate 3 cans of baked beans for dinner last night” upon entering the break room;

- Walk around the office and pretend to take photos for your memory photo album;

- Ask 5 people that sit around them to give their used staples to them for their collection;

- While on break and with people around they should pour a cup of coffee, take a sip and pour it back in, while stating to anyone who makes a comment that, “maybe my backwash will add something to it”; and

- Make a paperclip necklace and give it to the boss with a straight face.

You may also increase your enjoyment by taking a few pictures of said item in positions of torture like with a noose of rubberbands or even paperclips attached to odd areas(we will be adding a gallery of these soon)

Have fun and make sure you are not caught.

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