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Coffee Break / Lunch Break Pranks

Breaktime Pranks

Up for a bit of fun at break time? Well, we may have a solution for you.


Put a little hole in the soda can of a colleague about half an inch under the mouthpiece so when the can is turned up for drinking the beverage will pour out the hole and onto the person. The funny thing is that most people will just think they missed their mouth and will turn it up again.

Buy a box of donuts on your way home from work on Monday. Leave them out so they completely dry up and harden. On Friday, take the box of stale, stone-hard donuts to work and leave them near the coffee maker so everyone will see them and try one.
Take a hot chili pepper (Habanera is best) and wait for your colleague to set down their drink. Then break or cut the pepper and rub it on the can or cup where they place their mouth. Watch as they take a drink and soon realize their mouth is getting hotter and hotter.
Take an empty salt shaker and put a small amount of lemon juice in the bottom. Use a napkin to create a small area at the top of the shaker and fill it with baking soda. When someone uses the shaker, the baking powder and lemon juice react just like an elementary school science fair volcano.
Find some plastic or aluminum ashtrays and make a small hole in the middle of the bottom. Stick the wick of a firecracker up through the hole and tape the firecracker underneath. Trim the wick and camouflage it with ashes and a few butts. Then, when a cigarette is put out next...
Remove the inner section of today's newspaper in your breakroom the and replace it with the innersection yesterday's newspaper.
Fill water glasses and turn them upside down by firmly holding a sturdy piece of card paper (postcards are perfect) over the top and flipping. Slide the card paper out so the filled glass is sitting upside down on the counter. Leave them there as it looks like they are drying. When someone picks up the glasses to put them away they will be flooded.

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