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Mess Hall

A group of senior citizen ladies were touring an Army base, and part of the tour included a meal at the chow hall. After Sergeant Reese showed the ladies the barracks, drill field, exercise area, stockade, and the Colonel's and staff offices, it was off to the mess hall.

After finishing the meal and the Sergeant telling the ladies of the 25,000 meals served each day, the 12,000 pounds of chicken, 200 pounds of butter, 350 pounds of sugar used each day in meal preparation and serving, it was off to the kitchen area where the meals were prepared.

The Sergeant wanted to impress the ladies so he showed all the stainless steel pots that held 100 pounds of mashed potatoes, the freezers that were 75 feet long, the dishwashers that had such hot water that it would kill any germs.

Then off to the baking area where cookies were being made. They were cut into shapes by an automated cookie-cutter and then put on a conveyor belt going to the oven. As the belt took the morsels toward the oven, a big soldier who was shirtless would pick up each cookie, press it to his belly-button and then put it back on the conveyor.

One of the ladies asked why he was doing that procedure. To that the Sergeant said he was doing that to make designs on the cookies.

Then the same lady asked, "Isn't that awfully unsanitary?"

To that he answered, "Lady, you should have been here yesterday when we were making donuts!"

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