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My Car, My Goodness

A lawyer parked his shiny new Lexus in front of the firm where he worked to show it off to all his buddies. As he was getting out, a truck side-swiped his car and ripped the door off.

The driver of the truck stopped and ran back to the lawyer saying, "Oh my goodness, are you alright?"

The furious lawyer looked at his car and began screaming and berating the driver. "What the hell were you thinking?! This is my new Lexus, you idiot! Do you realize I'm a lawyer and that I am going to sue you for all you're worth?"

At that moment a policeman arrived at the scene and said to the lawyer, "Calm down! You lawyers are so materialistic that it's disgusting! Don't you realize that when that truck side-swiped your car and ripped the door off, it took your arm with it?"

The lawyer looked down and saw his left arm missing and screamed "Oh my Goodness . . . my ROLEX!"

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