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A Lawyer's Eternity

A lawyer died and went to heaven. Once he reached the pearly gates, St. Peter approached him and said, "Good, it's you. Please, follow me."

At that point a cloudy white limousine pulled up. The lawyer and St. Peter got in and they sped off. On the way the lawyer stared out the window. Then he saw someone that looked familiar. He said, "Hey, isn't that St. James?"

St. Peter replied, "Yes, it is."

As they drove along, St. Peter pointed out a few of the other saints, all of whom were living in pup tents and traveling around on rusty bikes. The lawyer was puzzled by the living conditions. He was even more puzzled when they pulled up to a white mansion with a staff of twenty and told they were there to provide for anything that he wanted.

Finally, St. Peter asked him, "Are there any questions you have for me before you are left to your eternity?"

"Yes!" said the lawyer. "Why do the saints live in such terrible conditions and mine are so great?"

Saint Peter replied, "We have had hundreds of saints but you're our first lawyer"

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