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Eye Mural

There was this famous painter who, in the prime of her career, started losing her eyesight. Fearful that she might lose her career as a painter, she went to see the best eye surgeon in the world.

After months of surgeries and therapy, her eyesight was restored to normal. The painter was so grateful that she decided to express her gratitude painting a mural in the doctor's office.

The mural took up an entire wall with the focal point being a gigantic eye in the middle. When she had finished, a press conference was held at the doctor's office in order to unveil her latest work of art.

During the press conference, one reporter asked the doctor, "What was your first reaction upon seeing the mural office, especially that huge eye in the middle of the wall?"

To this, the eye doctor responded, "I said to myself 'Thank God I’m not a proctologist.'"

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