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Chrome Plates

A patient entered the dentist's office. A cursory examination revealed that his nearly new dental plates were badly corroded.

"What on earth have you been eating?" the dentist demanded. "I've never seen new plates go so fast!"

"Gosh, Doc, I dunno," the fellow mused. "About six months ago my wife was experimenting with different foods we'd never tried and she tried scooping a little Hollandaise sauce on something. It was just as tasty as all get out and I told her to put it on everything we ate from then on. She did -- and for the last six months I've had Hollandaise sauce on everything that slithers down my gullet. Could that...?"

"Yes, that would explain it," the dentist replied. "Hollandaise is suprisingly acidic, notwithstanding its tangy creaminess. But we'll have to replace those teeth. I'll make you a new set of plates. But this time, given your culinary predilections, we'll make them out of chrome."

"Chrome? Why on Earth would you make them out of chrome?"

"It's perfectly simple, my dear fellow. There's no plate like chrome for the Hollandaise."

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