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Custer's Last Stand

The governor of Montana, who considered himself deeply artistic and an avid historian, commissioned an artist to paint a rendition of the thoughts that went through the mind of General Custer at Custer's last stand.

The artist worked away for weeks and weeks. Finally, the great day came for the unveiling of the painting.

Imagine the governor's surprise when he saw an image of a cow with a halo above its head standing in the center of the picture. Emerging over a nearby hill was a file of Native Americans toting sacks of cotton on their backs.

"What do you mean by this? What does this portray?" the Governor demanded.

The artist replied, "I thought it was perhaps a bit too obvious, Your Eminence. These are the thoughts that went through General Custer's mind at the battle. He is thinking, 'Holy cow! Where did all these cotton-pickin' Indians come from?'"

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