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Frozen in Time

Frozen in time

This game is a fantastic meeting enhancer and allows the competive spirit of otherwise bored meeting attendees to express their creativity and tenacity to "strike a pose".


Playing field: Any location in which three or more people are conducting a business-related meeting.

Players: 3+ (2 or more participants that have agreed to play and at least one that is unaware)

Objective: To be the last person “thawed” from a “frozen” state or the first person yelled at by the meeting chair/organizer.

Rules: Prior to a meeting a group of colleagues determine in which respective position they will be frozen. When the meeting begins and all are seated all “Frozen in time” participants must assume their positions and hold them during the meeting. Blinking is allowed, but any other form of movement disqualifies the participant. This participant may then attempt to do things to force other participants to move. Speaking is allowed, but the lips are not allowed to move. The last participant remaining frozen wins the contest. The contest may be cut short when one of the participant gets yelled at, reprimanded or some other form of verbal acknowledgement from the organizer/host/chair of the meeting (frowns do not qualify) and this participant wins the contest by default.

Tip 1). The more outrageous the frozen position - the more likely the leader of the meeting will acknowledge you and you will win by default.

Tip 2). Once you have been disqualified an effective method of eliminating others is to call their cell phone.

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