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The caged parrots

A single player meeting distraction where observing annoying, kiss-up colleagues makes you a god of the meeting room.


The caged parrots

Introduction: This game is a variant of the acclaimed parrot's echo game that allows you to score your butt kissing colleagues as they unwitting pit their annoying abilities against one another in a battle in which only you will know the victor. Since all of us know people in our office that sit in a meeting and always agrees with the boss and then feels that their contribution to the discussion is to re-state, either verbatim or paraphrasing, what was just said, why not make a game of it - since that is all it really is anyway?

Playing field: Any meeting in which ideas, suggestions and decisions are being made or shared (brainstorming activities are especially appropriate for this game).

Number of players: 1
Objective: To stay awake long enough during a dull meeting to tabulate and score all the brownie point seeking colleagues that irritatatingly state their agreement to a point made by the chair and/or boss in addition to re-stating the point once again.

Rules: make a list of names of those people attending a meeting and make a grid like the one below in which points may be assigned (more than seven is rare). Anyone may get the ball rolling, but it must be in agreement to someone senior to the parrot. Once a topic has begun to be parroted, when an agreement stated and the idea/concept repeated, by the players a round has begun. The first person to agree and then re-state the topic gets 1 point, the second person to parrot gets 2 points … and so on. Participants may parrot as many times per round as they wish but only the corresponding points per parrot will be allocated no matter how many times the point is re-stated during their turn. A bonus 3 points, in addition to the normal turn points, are awarded to the last player to parrot before the boss has heard enough and moves on. A bonus 5 points, in addition to the normal turn points, is awarded to the player that ignores the boss and parrots again. A consolation 10 points, without turn points, is awarded when the boss yells at or calls out a player at any time. Multiple rounds may occur during any given meeting with the winner declared the one with the most points at the time the meeting is adjourned.

A Caged Parrots game underway

A printable scorecard for ten parrots is available here

Also an excel spreadsheet with automatic tabulation will available soon for those of you that want to look busy during a meeting.

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