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Buzzword Bingo

A pasttime coined in the Golden Age of Dilbert, Buzzword Bingo is a perfect meeting survival option for any number of players.


Click to create a new Buzzword Bingo cardPrint out as many different Buzzword Bingo pages as you need, then fill your once-droll personalized "coffee" mug with something dank and tepid and proceed to the conference room with a jaunty air and a spring in your gait knowing the hours will pass like weeks instead of months. Listen carefully during the meeting (for perhaps the very first time ever) and scratch off each buzzword with a pen or fingernail as it drips from the cliche-besmutched lips of your comatose co-workers.

The first player to complete a row or a column should leap up on the conference table shrieking "Bingo! Bingo-bingo-bingo! Victory! I alone am the Grand Poombah! Bow before me, septic rodents!" and perform a lengthy and lascivious rhythmic victory gyration. The victory dance should continue until gentle hands of the Corporate Recuperation Center Collection Team have strapped you in and manhandled you to an unmarked van for reengineering (be sure to clench your victorious Buzzword Bingo card between your teeth for safekeeping, as your hands may be unavailable for the foreseeable future).

Click here to create a Buzzword Bingo card. Reload the page as many times as you need for additional cards.

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