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HumorFeed Picks Top Ten Satire News Stories of 2005

HumorFeed Picks Top Ten Satire News Stories of 2005

With 2005 fading fast in the rear view mirror, many publications have taken stock of the year by tallying the top ten movies, books, or style trends. Thanks to's first annual Satire News Competition, the world can now add a list of "top ten internet satire news articles" to that roster, and by month's end will have a "top three" as well.

HumorFeed is a selective, cooperative association of satire news and parody websites formed in 2003. As of today it consists of nearly sixty member sites from the US, UK, and Canada. Over the past two weeks, its members have been working to nominate the top ten stories from over 3,500 headlines listed on HumorFeed during 2005.

The best ten stories, according to HumorFeed, are as follows (in alphabetical order, by website):

In the final stage of the competition, a panel of five independent judges will select the top three stories from these ten finalists. The judges bring to bear an unprecedented collection of expertise in both journalism and satire; they include senior writer John Markoff from the New York Times, correspondent Eric Weiner from National Public Radio, and Robert Zelnick, chairman of the Journalism department at Boston University. Balancing out the serious side of the panel are Andrew Marlatt, former webmaster of the legendary and nationally syndicated humor columnist Madeleine Kane.

"We wanted perspective from the "legitimate" journalism community as well as from qualified experts in humor," said Watley. "HumorFeed's hallmark is the quality of its membership; we wanted a competition which could provide a uniquely professional judging process."

The top three winners will be announced on February 1.

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